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Mexico City


My month and a half in Guanajuato has come and gone. My Spanish has improved tremendously, and my legs have weakened by an equal amount. I can’t imagine that I could have picked a better location to learn Spanish, and the people I met have been wonderful and kind.

For my last week of classes, my mom came to join me, and the two of us had a blast learning together. She stayed with a family who cooked meals so huge that I could never finish everything put in front of me, and who cared for me when I was sick for the first real time on the trip.

After the week we took a bus to Mexico City and met my dad, and the three of us toured around the city, spent two days at the Museum of Anthropology (and could have spent more, it is more incredible than the Deutsches Museum in Munich). We went to Teotihuacan, and climbed the third largest pyramid in the world. While dodging souvenir hawkers, we got a demonstration of how they got the yellow and red dyes used to paint the pyramids, and were forced into a demonstration of carving “artifacts” from obsidian and other semi-precious stones.

After the week there, it was time to return to Guanajuato, pick up my bike (left there with friends), and continue on my way. Next stop, Oaxaca!

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