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Alaskan Intermezzo


I met my parents in Fairbanks on the 28th of June after having ridden down from Prudhoe Bay. We visited Denali National Park and took the tour of the park, failing on two separate occasions to see Mt. McKinley because of foul weather. We then went down to Seward, on the Kenai Penninsula and took a boat tour of Kenai Fiords National park, which despite foul weather was perhaps the most incredible boat tour I can ever hope to take.

And we are currently in Anchorage, where my mother’s quest to see a bull moose has been sadly dropped, but my quest to see a 25lbs spawning salmon has been surprisingly fulfilled. Tomorrow my parents fly back down to Sunnyvale, and I continue my day trip bicycling from from Anchorage down to Tierra del Fuego.

The past eleven days have seen me eat more cheese and sugary foods than I ought in an attempt to fatten up for the 2900 mile stretch from here to Seattle. They have seen the strength return to and the soreness fade from my legs, only to return yesterday with the flu. I have finished crossing items off the list “Things I can’t believe I didn’t bring”, and finished jettisoning items from the list “Eric, sometimes you are an idiot…”. As far as I know I am ready to go.

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